[#Udemy 100% Off] GCSE #Physics Ninja - Heat Transfer & Matter

What Will I Learn?
  • Understand what thermal energy is and how it can transfer from one place to another
  • Be able to describe experiments to investigate heat transfer by radiation
  • Become familiar with the particle model of matter and how thermal energy affects the different states of matter.
  • Be able to give everyday practical examples of heat transfer in action.
  • Describe and explain how to keep objects cool, or hot
  • Understand the specific heat capacity and thermal capacity of a material
  • Carry out calculations using specific heat capacity
  • Understand the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of measuring instruments, for example thermometers
  • Carry out calculations involving specific latent heat when matter changes state.
  • Before starting, please download the Question and Answer flashcards (PDF document). You'll need to print this out to make your flashcards, which we will be using in each lecture.
  • To get the most out of this course, make sure that you test yourself on the Question and Answer flashcard 2-3 times on separate occasions. This is the best way to remember the key information!
Welcome to the GCSE Physics Ninja course on Heat Transfer! This course is designed to maximise your recall, build confidence and boost your achievement in the heat transfer and thermal physicssection of your GCSE, iGCSE, IB or High School Diploma exam.
Olly Wedgwood has over 15 years of physics teaching experience, both in the classroom and as a private tutor. He will guide you through 37 mini-tutorials covering every aspect of heat transfer for GCSE physics*.
This course comes with printable question and answer flashcards so you'll be able to consolidate the essential knowledge and ideas that you will need to recall for your GCSE or iGCSE exam.
After completing this course, you will be able to:
  • explain how heat energy can travel through space, as well as through materials
  • describe how we can measure thermal energy
  • understand the practical design issues involving heat energy, e.g. keeping objects cool
  • use calculations to predict temperature changes and energy flows
  • explain how energy is 'hidden' within the solid or liquid bonds of a substance.
  • give practical everyday examples and uses of heat transfer
If you are studying for your GCSE or iGCSE physics, and want to perform at your best in the exam, then this course is for you.
We'll look forward to seeing you on the course!
* This course may go beyond what you need to know in your exam. If you're not sure whether a lecture is relevant to your course, please check your course textbook, exam board specification, or ask your class teacher.
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who is studying GCSE / iGCSE / IB physics or High School physics

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