[#Udemy Free] Introduction to #Microsoft_Access 2016 for Absolute Beginners

What Will I Learn?
  • Practice what you learned with included exercise files
  • Creating tables and relationships
  • Navigating the Access 2016 interface
  • Learn valuable new skills for complex data projects at work
  • Discover how to into import data from Excel into your database
  • Creating, saving and opening an Access 2016 database
  • Working with and using index fields
  • How to backup and repair your database
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  • Microsoft Access 2016 desktop version for Windows installed on your computer
During this introductory course on using Microsoft Access 2016, we'll teach the basics of using Microsoft Access 2016.
We'll start with navigating the Access 2016 interface, including the Ribbon, Backstage View and the Quick Access Toolbar.
Discover concepts to help you understand how to create database fields and tables, using numeric and indexed fields, and importing data from Excel into your database.
Contents and Overview
This easy to understand course starts at the very beginning, specifically designed for those with little or no Microsoft Access experience. The first task is to find the software and install it on your computer.
Then we discover the new and improved features added to the 2016 version. There are new features that could be a big help in your job, your business, or in personal projects.
We start with essential first steps. You will learn to create an Access database, save it, then open it. We show you simple ways to use Microsoft's powerful online and contextual help, so you are never left wondering when you have a question or encounter a challenge.
Along the way we keep in mind you will want to personalize Access to accomplish the things you want. We learn all about Ribbons and Toolbars that make Access extremely flexible.
Next, we move on to create tables and fields to store your data, in addition to discussing the use of indexed and numeric fields.
All along the way there are plenty of exercises and quizzes that help you fully understand all the concepts and solidify them in your memory.
This is the course you need to learn the most important ways to expertly use MS Access 2016. It assumes you are just beginning with Access and easily steps you through the process of being highly proficient with this widely used tool.
This course is for absolute beginners, thus is appropriate for those new to Access and who appreciate a methodical, patient and conversational pace.
Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone new to Microsoft Access
  • No previous knowledge of MS Access required. This course is created for absolute beginners.
  • Anyone new to the data management role
  • Anyone who wants to learn data management and Microsoft Access
  • Users of earlier versions of Access looking to update their skills.

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