[#Udemy Free] #Maya 2017 Quickstart - Create a Low poly scene for Beginners

What Will I Learn?
Navigate in the Maya viewports
Select and deselect objects
Use the move, rotate and scale tools
Use powerful modeling commands including extrude, insert edge loop, bridge
Assign and manipulate material shaders
Use various lights using the Arnold renderer
Add volumetric atmosphere and fog to a scene
Render out images
  • Basic computer skills
This course will introduce to the wonderful world of 3d using Autodesk Maya 2017! 
Learn the basics and more in this easy to follow project where you will create a stylish isometric low poly scene. This course is designed for the complete beginner and doesn't get bogged down in unnecessary technical jargon. It's specifically shows you the fundamentals you need to create 3d geometry and output great looking images.
Bonus sections show you how to create additional content and encourage you to create your own artwork. Learn how to create voxel art easily using the new MASH system inside Maya.
If you are thinking about learning 3d there is no better time then now with this fun introductory course.
Who is the target audience?
  • 2d Artists from traditional or Photoshop backgrounds
  • After effects artists who want to cross train in 3d modeling
  • Artists who want to create there own isometric images and models for games or artwork
  • Artists using 3d studio max, Cinema 4d, Blender or another 3d package
  • Anyone who wants to try out using Maya in a fun and interesting project

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