How To Setup Your First Private Blog Network

What Will I Learn?
know where to find the best expired domains
know where to get the best hosting
build a private blog network efficiently
  • WordPress knowledge
  • cPanel knowledge
  • know how to register a domain
In this course, we look at building a private blog network and debunking some myths. I am a believer of going against the grain, and I'll say some stuff you probably won't believe. However, with my 7 years of SEO knowledge I can assure you that my data is backed up by real case studies. This course takes you from just knowing enough about how to setup a WordPress site to scaling out your network into dozens or even hundreds of domain names to push you forward in your SERPs. I want you to succeed and I am readily available to answer any questions you have about PBNs.
Who is the target audience?
  • people who are getting into private blog networks
  • people who have experience with WordPress and cPanel
  • people who are looking for that extra push to takeover Google